Height Advantages

 A Minnesota Video Production Company

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Kevin Adah

Kevin Adah (Co-Founder)

Who is Kevin:

Videographer..DIY Guru...Storyteller

Uh-Huh, Yep!, and YES

Kevin loves to help people tell their stories. From video to photos, there are many ways to make something stand out. Always thinking of new ideas, he has a dedicated notes tab to fill with ideas. Notebooks don't stand a chance and regularly get filled up with an idea or two.

He has worked on two Superbowl commercials and other local spots in Minnesota. With his background in marketing, he films in a way that can be implicated with marketing in mind. .

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Zach Luedtke

Zach Luedtke (Co-Founder)

Who is Zach:

Editor...Rock Climber...Chemical Engineer? 

You Betcha, YAS, YES

Between making our world cleaner by carbon capture technology or by enjoying the best mountains in the world he makes video editing look easy. (it's not)

He has edited projects for universities, Small Businesses, Short Films, and Real Estate. You can also see him in the credits for a Hollywood movie called "Christmas Break-in". 

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What We Can Offer:

Video Production

From Pre-Production to Editing we can film it.

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From Photoshoots and Real Estate we can capture it all.


We can help make websites to help your business stand out.

Height Advantages Website
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We are a Minneapolis-based creative team that has a passion for video. We believe in being a partner to the businesses we help. Solving problems is why we are here, whether that is working together to figure out a problem or finding ways to optimize we want to help.

Solving problems is our focus. Come to us with a business problem and we'll try to solve them in the guidelines you provide.


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