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About Our Team

Height Advantages highlights design work.

It started at a table eating fish and chips.

About Us:

We are a group of photographers, videographers, production, and media professionals making sure your space comes alive.

Height Advantages started in the summer of 2019 outside in the sun our founding members saw the opportunity to get past the boring same old photos that every listing had. On top of that, we noticed that when looking for a place to rent, we could never get an idea of what the place looked like with photos alone. Most listings had standard wide photos or had a quickly taken photo. We vowed to make it easier for people to get a "feel" for a space before committing to a showing.

Starting with photos, we make sure to have multiple photos of a room. With videos, we make sure to show off the features that make a space look unique. With strategy, we make sure to convey the message that makes the most sense and have a targeted strategy.

Youtube Channel

Where we feature our latest video work. 

Video has a special section in our hearts 

and believe that the worlds need more


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