About Our Team

Height Advantages highlights design work.

As one of your biggest fans, we work with our clients on what makes each space unique. Keep scrolling to learn more about us and what we do.

About Us:

We are a group of photographers, videographers, production, and media professionals making sure your space comes alive.

Height Advantages started in the summer of 2019 outside in the June sun our founding members saw the opportunity to get past the boring same old photos that every listing had.


Photos: Using engaging photos that showed the details missed by wide angles. Capturing what makes each home unique in detail.

Video: Showing the space is one thing, feeling the space is a whole other thing! There is a reason why HGTV is still one of the most popular channels on television.

Media: Now that you have your photos & videos now what? Well, we want not only you & your clients to love the pictures, but we also want to use this content to reach new clients! We're here to help.

Youtube Channel

Where we feature our latest video work. 

Video has a special section in our hearts 

and believe that the worlds need more