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From the Front Porch 

Client: Luminate Home Loans & Jonathan Sells

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Welcome to Minneapolis Minnesota and From the Front Porch video series. From the Front Porch talks to industry experts all across the Twin Cities. In this episode, Jonathan and Mandy talk about 2024 loan rates, the N.A.R. settlement, and first-time home buyers' advice on navigating the market. Our client Jonathan wanted to break the barrier and talk directly to the people who can help home buyers navigate buying a home.

The Result: Jonathan saw a great response to this video series and is continuing to make more episodes with us. He has also seen a direct uptick in sales and referrals because of this video series. From new home buyers to learning about loans, this series covers it all.

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Apex Retreat

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Client: Apex Retreat

Apex Retreat came to us with the idea of making an online video course to teach the new Thail Ball technique. This was just the intro of the course, but as we are writing this we are already in the works to do 2-3 more video courses with this client. This project nails the idea of being different, standing out, and having an impact.


The Result: This video series was published on Apex's website as part of their online series of trainings. This gives not only another revenue stream for them, but also the training helps teach the next generation of massage therapists. 

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Ad: Jonathan Sells

Client: Jonathan Sells

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As a series of targeted social media placements, we worked with Jonathan on exposure to new buyers and sellers in the Twin Cities area. We storyboarded, script-wrote, and produced this for him to be placed on Facebook.

The Result: After one week of testing we have 450+ link clicks and over 15,000 total impressions with a $2500 budget. Our cost-per-click ended up being $0.55-$0.68 per click.

7 Videos





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