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We Work Monday - Thursday

This page we talk about our strategy of working 4 day work weeks and what we do on that extra day.


Why the 4 day work week...

TLDR; Because it gives us the freedom to work not just in the business but on the business. This means that people are able to have a free day to explore a new product idea, experiment with a new software, or take the day off to go to an appointment.

What is the 4-day work week to us?

There is some debate about where the work week started and many of our leaders in the U.S. have proposed different work times both in hard economic times and stable times. Most commonly it is regarded that the 5-day work week started with the Ford Corporation when producing the Model T in the early 1900's by Henery Ford. Although many attempts to standardize the workweek were used before, Henry Ford was the pioneer in our modern world.

In 1933 the U.S. Senate passed a law stating a 30-hour work week was to be standard in the U.S. This was removed due to pressure from labor unions and other stakeholders.

During the Nixon administration, a major promise was to reduce the workweek. This was tried, but like in the 1930's this was removed due to pressures. 

This push and pull has been happening for decades, but as of the COVID pandemic and a major push from many organizations, the 4-day work week seemed to gain traction once again. After the largest 4-day workweek study concluded, Josh Bersin the lead researcher and publisher found that not only does it make financial sense, but it gives people more flexibility to live their lives outside work. This leads to reduced turnaround and employees being less burnt out.

Now, at Height Advantages, we don't have employees, but rather contractors but we believe in the same principles. While we still can work on Fridays and even the weekends we actively try to prevent this. On average this only happens a handful of weeks during the year. This probably makes you wonder what we do with the extra time on these free Fridays?

What we do with the Extra Day:

Anything and everything. No, seriously. .. As the owner, I don't particularly care if people decide to watch a season of the office, or if they decide to go grocery shopping. What I do is I take the day to work on my self-development and to learn new "things" that I can then use in my business.


I always tell people, I sometimes work -lite, like emails or a quick call, but nothing more than that. I've re-taught myself some basic algebra, learned about new economic principles, and learned new business skills like negotiations and AI technology.


This extra time is our "secret sauce" and truly exemplifies our slogan: Height Advantages: Advantages in ALL heights.

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Questions about our 4-day Workweek?

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